SOS DOCTORS are escorting their patients by all means of transportation: ambulance, airplane, helicopter etc. throughout Greece and the world.
The experience of SOS DOCTORS and their medical equipment guarantee the secure transfer of the injured patients and those who are critically ill.

We can arrange the transfer of private patients and insured persons after consultation with their insurance company, and we can provide services for embassies or shipping companies.


  • 24-hour Coordinating Center
  • Instant, secure air transport
  • Bed-to-bed service
  • Qualified, specially designed vehicle fleet
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Experienced, qualified medical and nursing staff

You can rely on the experienced staff of SOS DOCTORS.

Call +302108212222, 24 hours a day.


SOS DOCTORS ensure patients’ medical transport in Greece with specially adapted airplanes or helicopters escorted by a doctor and/or a nurse.

Call +302108212222, 24 hours a day

With a call to our Coordination Center at +302108212222, 24 hours a day, the procedure for immediate and safe air ambulance transport in Greece begins.

Communication between SOS DOCTORS and involved agencies

SOS DOCTORS contact the hospital/clinic where the patient is hospitalized. For air transport, it is imperative that all documents certify that the patient is able to travel by airplane and make sure any specific air requirements (fit-to-fly documents) are completed. Our priority is patient safety and transport according to the appropriate specifications. The SOS DOCTOR in charge of the medical transport is always in contact with the treating physician and keeps him informed.

Bed-to-bed Service 

A ground ambulance receives the patient from his/her hospital bed and delivers him/her to the airplane crew. After the air ambulance transport, another ambulance will receive the patient to transfer him/her to the destination hospital. In other words, it is a bed-to-bed service that guarantees minimum inconvenience and maximum safety during the patient’s transport.

Modern aircraft – equipment

Our airplanes are specially adapted for air ambulance transports and have been certified by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. They have all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment for the safe transfer of the patient: monitor, defibrillator, oxygen bottle and respirator.

Experienced, specialized staff

During air ambulance transport, specially trained and highly experienced SOS DOCTORS or nurses are in attendance.


SOS DOCTORS can also provide patient escort abroad on passenger planes.

With just a call at +302108212222, 24 hours a day, a medical escort is arranged and a specialized SOS DOCTOR remains at the side of the patient during the journey.

Prior to undertaking a medical escort, SOS DOCTORS contact the treating physician and inform him/her on whether the patient can travel and under what conditions (fit-to-fly documents).

The doctor has all the equipment needed in order to deal with emergencies: cardiogram, intubation and defibrillation equipment.

The experience of SOS DOCTORS ensures patient safety during the journey.