By providing home care services, we allow patients to stay in their own warm and familiar environment.

  • If you are a patient with a chronic disease…
  • If you need temporary care…
  • If you are a patient with reduced mobility…
  • Or if you simply do not have time to go for a scheduled check-up…

…Home care makes all the difference!

In the spirit of relieving patients and their relatives from unnecessary transportations and with focus on integrated medical services, SOS DOCTORS collaborate with experienced nurses who come at your home and perform numerous nursing operations.


SOS DOCTORS provide home care services in Athens and in Thessaloniki to patients whose condition requires extra care at home or to patients with reduced mobility.

Our experienced nurses are on call 24/7, so that they can come at your home any time you need them.

SOS nurses can be at your side immediately, day or night, for emergencies or for scheduled visits at your home, according to the instructions given by your treating physician.

Always with respect to your needs, the experienced nurse can come to your home to simply change your infusion set, take care of a wound or take a blood sample.

If your doctor has recommended diagnostic tests, the nurse comes to your home to collect biological fluids, takes samples, carries them to a reliable diagnostic center and delivers the results at your home, even within the same day.

In each case, the SOS nurse refers to your attending doctor.

Our 1016 administrative center contacts your doctor to inform him about the course of your treatment or the results of the tests he had requested and sends him everything that he needs via e-mail.

  • 24/7, even on holidays, without subscription or registration.
  • The services include: administration of drugs and change of infusion sets, venipuncture, catheterization, parenteral feeding, bedsore and wound care, monitoring of vital signs, etc. by an experienced nurse at home.
  • SOS nurses prepare parenteral solutions and apply the regimen chosen by the attending physicians.
  • Blood, urine or other biological fluid sampling for laboratory testing and immediate delivery of results.
  • Continuous communication and cooperation with the attending physician.
  • Prices from 20 € with payment receipt

The close cooperation between doctors, nurses and the administrative center guarantees the high quality of SOS DOCTORS’ medical services to patients and to those who need medical care.


  • Both patients and their relatives avoid the hassle of unnecessary transports.
  • Patients feel comfortable and confident and have their loved one close to them.
    By providing home care services, we allow patients to stay in their own warm and familiar environment.
  • We protect your precious free time.
  • We provide integrated health services at home.
    Specialized nurses are on call 24/7 and, in cooperation with SOS DOCTORS, they are ready to provide a wide range of nursing services at home to patients who need home care, with frequent visits, even on the same day if necessary.
  • Your attending physician guides the actions of the nurse
    SOS DOCTORS’ nursing team is in constant communication with the attending physicians, so that they can continuously assess their patients’ progress and change their course of care, depending on their needs.