Medical Coverage of Events

SOS DOCTORS assume full medical coverage of events (with doctors being constantly present at the event sites) by agreement with the organizers.
The expertise and experience of SOS DOCTORS in emergency response constitute a guarantee for the realization of events, which would have otherwise been postponed.
What makes us unique, however, is the fact that we offer medical services relating to 21 different medical specialties. The large number of doctors we employ – more than 100 – in combination with the fleet of SOS vehicles available, ensure faster, more efficient and reliable medical services.


SOS Doctor on athletic event in the Olympic Stadium
SOS DOCTOR covering a corporate event at the Panathenaic Stadium
SOS doctors cover performances at Herodium for 16 years
SOS DOCTOR covering a football match in KETHEA
SOS doctors covering the event Micropolis
SOS DOCTORS at Schoolwave 2015
SOS DOCTOR covers match the Community Intervention KETHEA
SOS DOCTOR in Theogennitoros Monastery

We have covered

  • Cultural events: Greek Athens Festival (Herodion, Lycabettus), Didi Music (Rock Wave Festival), Half Note Production,
  • Children’s Festival “Micropolis” (Technopolis), etc.
  • Sports events: Trekking Hellas, Special Olympics, Cycling Race in the municipalities of Keratsini & Drapetsona
  • Expositions: Ratio Co (Poseidoneia), Exhibition Center of the municipality of Peristeri
  • Events: EF ZIN (Advertising Awards), Opening event of multiplex “The HUB EVENTS”


International and Greek experience shows that the readiness of SOS DOCTORS has been beneficial in handling medical emergencies during events thanks to:

  • The high level of training and specialty of SOS DOCTORS in emergencies
  • The appropriate medical equipment
  • The ability of the physician to communicate with foreign patients in their language.