The oldest Start-Up Medical Company! He brought first organized and reliable health services to the patient's home! Costed the residential medical visits!

The success and recognition of SOS Doctors, the First Hellenic Society of Free Professional Physicians, operating since 1993, on home (home hospital) medical services 24 hours a day, are based on a series of innovations:

  • Specialization of SOS practices in the treatment of emergencies
  • Visit by a skilled physician to the patient's house
  • Co-operation 20 Medical Specialities
  • Continuous assessment of services offered and medical ethics
  • Ultra-modern medical equipment that offers the possibility for many medical operations at home
  • Providing medical services without the payment of a nuisance or annual subscription on the part of the patient
  • Fully defined fees of medical services
  • A special fleet of vehicles with lighthouses that ensure easy movement of SOS transducers into the city and fast access to the patient's home
  • Informing both the patient and the treating physician by drafting a detailed medical opinion
  • A high degree of patient satisfaction
  • Online Doctors Through Telema
  • Development of International Model "Hospital at Home"
  • Developing new "medical concepts" from home-based practice and presentation to international conferences.