The success and recognition of the SOS DOCTORS company - the first Greek company of free-lancers, specialized doctors, established in 1993, with the exclusive purpose of providing home (medical practice at home) medical services 24 hours a day - are based on a series of innovations.

  • Specialty of SOS DOCTORS in emergency response
  • Visit by a specialist doctor in the patient's home
  • Continuous evaluation of offered services and compliance with medical ethics
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment that offers the possibility to perform numerous medical procedures at home
  • Provision of medical services without receiving any enrollment or annual fee from the patient and a fixed remuneration for SOS DOCTORS
  • Special vehicle fleet with emergency lights that ensure the easy transportation of SOS DOCTORS in the city and easy access to the patient's home
  • Update of both the patient and the attending doctor with a written, detailed medical report