SOS DOCTORS offer radiographic tests at home, providing all the equipment and ensuring safety. They assist people with reduced mobility and offer accurate and high quality radiographic tests with immediate response (printed within 1 hour).

  • 24/7, even on holidays
  • Immediate delivery of results (15’)
  • Signed medical report by a radiology physician
  • Digital radiography with the lowest radiation
  • Price € 130 for the first 2 scans
  • Immediate response (= 1 hour!)
  • Radiologist on call 24/7 to discuss any matter that may arise with the treating physician
  • Specialized technologists with knowledge on radiation protection and extensive experience in radiography testing
  • Test printed on a film sized 35*43 or in a digital format (dicom file) on a cd + a dicom viewer program to allow you to read it
  • Results delivered to any destination indicated by the patient
  • Direct delivery of tests and results to the treating physician.


  • Call 1016 from a landline or mobile phone and request an immediate radiographic test at home.
  • A specialized and experienced technologist-radiologist with knowledge on radiation protection will visit you immediately at your home
  • with modern, flexible and lightweight equipment.
  • New digital radiography tests of high resolution with extremely low radiation dose are performed in the patient’s bedroom.
  • Radiographs are printed in our radiology vehicle, outside the patient’s home, in a film of large dimensions.
  • A radiologist examines them and signs them electronically via Internet.
  • Radiographs are given immediately to the patient and are sent electronically to the treating physician.
  • The digital images are fully editable, allowing the doctor to focus at a specific part and identify pathologies which are not visible at first glance.


  • Certified Service by: Medical Society, Prefecture, Greek Association of Insurance Companies
  • Digitized radiographs with smaller radiation dose
  • Digitized radiographs for better quality
  • Flexible and very light equipment (for use in difficult cases and in adverse conditions, such as apartment buildings with no lift, narrow corridors etc.)
  • Rechargeable lights for use even in old houses which cannot withstand the high voltage produced by the X rays
  • Equipment suitable for high quality radiographs that can be compared to (or even exceed) those in large clinics with fully equipped radiology units (special support base, potter-bucky diaphragm, etc).
  • Focus on protection from radiation with the use of all necessary leaden pads, aprons, dosimeters and by complying with Democritus’ indications.


  • Service availability 24/7, even on holidays, no matter where you are.
  • Patients avoid long waiting lines both for doing the test and for getting the results, which are delivered immediately to the patient and/or the treating doctor.
  • High quality service that allows physicians to be immediately informed about their patients’ condition, wherever they are.
  • Time saving for the patients’ attendants
  • Protection against persistent nosocomial infections particularly in elderly and immunocompromised patients
  • The familiar environment of the patients’ home provides a sense of safety and helps them cooperate for a better radiography result, etc.
  • Lower costs compared to the costs required for being transported with an ambulance and getting tested in private diagnostic centers and clinics.
  • Psychological relief for the patients, as they avoid the unwelcoming environment of a clinic or a diagnostic center.
  • Creation of a trusting relationship with the patients, as the offered services are tailored to their individual needs