Provision of medical services to companies

SOS DOCTORS, in collaboration with the occupational physician and HR departments, provide teleconferences with an online doctor 24/7 as well as COVID-19 tests and health examinations at the workplace and / or medical/nursing home care.

Preserving and safeguarding employees’ health is central to every company’s concern as it is a matter of top priority. Since 1993 SOS DOCTORS declare their presence wherever and whenever they can provide medical services.

Teleconferences - Chat online with a doctor 24/7

SOS DOCTORS, in order to contribute to the most effective monitoring and management of employees’ health issues, at any geographical point and especially in remote areas that do not have access to medical companies and services, are now online via video call – all over Greece, from Athens and Thessaloniki to Evros and the Dodecanese, with many medical specialties.

For the realization of the video calls, there is a special application of internet consultation – teleconference – telemedicine, through the platform and the support of the company “Docandu”. It is a digital platform approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Digital Government, and which is in line with the European legislation on personal data protection GDPR.

With our new service, your employees will be able to directly consult an SOS DOCTOR online, through any device with Internet connection (smartphone, tablet, computer) day, night, weekends and holidays. Just call 1016 with a local charge and follow the following simple steps:

The service operates in addition to our wide range of medical services (medical services at workplaces, medical event coverage, home doctor, hospitalization and home examinations, doctor’s appointments, patient transfers, hospital care in clinics, medical equipment at home etc.)

COVID-19 test at the workplace

From the first moment of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, SOS DOCTORS have worked closely with a special scientific advisory committee on coronavirus issues as well as with EODY with whom we maintain close contact in order to ensure the quallity of our services and the protection of Public Health as a whole.

We are able to arrive at your company premises and carry out:

  • PCR test
  • Rapid Antigen Test
  • Antibodies test

Certified nurses will are your company’s premises, with all the necessary medical equipment in order to collect the necessary sample and transport it with all the specifications and safety to cooperating diagnostic centers in order for you to immediately and quickly have the results in your hands.

Medical competence of employees - Medical examinations at the company

The suitability of employees in the time of challenges we live in becomes a project of paramount importance and it is the responsibility of every business project to realize that a key condition for the success and quality consistency of any company is undoubtedly the “investment” in its human capital. In some professional categories, specialized laboratory / outpatient examinations are required, while, where necessary, additional clinical examinations are performed depending on the nature of the risks to which the employees are exposed in the respective working environment.

The specialized and experienced medical team of SOS DOCTORS conducts periodic medical examinations of the employees according to their place of work. The results of the examinations are evaluated and registered and certificates of the above assessments are issued. Medical examinations can be performed in a suitably designed space within the company so as not to disrupt the company’s business plan.
Indicatively, the preventive examinations carried out by the team of SOS DOCTORS at your company are mentioned and include:

  • Audiogram – ear cleaning (ENT)
  • Cardiogram, cardiac triplex – cardiovascular risk measurement (cardiologist)
  • Chest x-ray – upper and lower abdomen ultrasounds etc. (radiologist)
  • Spirometry (pulmonologist)
  • Visual acuity (ophthalmologist)
  • Blood, urine, biochemical tests, covid test etc. (microbiologist)
  • Breast palpation – Papanicolaou test (gynecologist)
  • Prostate examination (urologist)
  • Bone mass measurement (orthopedic)
  • Diabetes control by measuring glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin (physician)

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SOS DOCTORS are on standby to deal with any emergency health problems at the patient’s houses. They examine, receive a medical history and suggest the appropriate medication with all the necessary equipment. At the same time, specialized nursing staff is able to perform diagnostic tests at home, with reliable and immediate diagnostic results and the quality of SOS DOCTORS.

Why should I choose SOS DOCTORS from all medical companies?

The necessary medical equipment we have per specialty, compliance with medical ethics, continuous evaluation and optimization of our services, our specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with emergencies, guarantee the quality of our services.

From the medical companies that operate today we are the first and top in Greece and we continue to be a pioneer.