How do SOS DOCTORS work?
SOS DOCTORS is a medical company for the provision of all medical services at the patient's location, whether it is his/her home or hotel, office etc. You can call our coordinating center at +302108212222 anytime, 24/7, and speak with a coordinating physician who will immediately arrange the dispatch of a doctor, nurse, ambulance or medical products at your location.
What is the subscription fee to become a member?
The philosophy of SOS DOCTORS is to be next to any patient who needs them and even if he/she has nothing to do with membership cards, health care cards and annual subscriptions. No registration or subscription, you simply call 1016, give us your address details and one of our doctors you will come to your location.
So I will not pay anything?
SOS DOCTORS is not a non-profit organization, but a private medical company. The doctor or other partner who will visit you will receive specific fees, which will have already been announced to you by our coordinating center, and will issue you a payment receipt. Our fees are also published on our website.
Are SOS DOCTORS affiliated to EOPYY?
SOS DOCTORS are not affiliated to EOPYY. They cover, however, those insured by the UPOSIM fund and they are collaborating with many private insurance companies. Ask your insurance company, you might be entitled to an SOS DOCTOR visit with very little or no contribution on your behalf.
Are there other methods of payment other than cash? Do you accept cards?
Yes. You can pay the SOS doctor that will visit you with a VISA or American Express credit card.
In addition, you can use your debit card.
Do SOS DOCTORS cover all parts of Greece?
No. SOS DOCTORS cover the whole Attica region and Thessaloniki
What services are provided by SOS DOCTORS?
SOS DOCTORS make sure to serve you with a complete health network at home, which operates 24/7 providing you all the medical services: doctors, nurses, dentists and physiotherapists, ambulance services, diagnostic tests, X-rays and medical equipment at home. In addition, the doctor of your coordination center is giving you medical advice without charge 24/7.
Is there a time-based charging when I call the number +302108212222 ?
No. Whether you call for medical advice or to arrange a visit at home, the number 1016 does not have any time-based charging. If you are calling from your mobile phone from Athens or Thessaloniki, the urban unit charge is determined by your provider.
Can I call 1016 from the Greek province?
No, the number +302108212222 applies only to Athens and Thessaloniki. If you are calling from a landline in any other region, you will not be able to connect to our coordinating center.
Are the doctors who will visit me specialized?
Yes. SOS DOCTORS are collaborating with 20 different medical specialties. All doctors - partners are qualified, licensed by the Medical Association, trained for emergency cases, controlled and constantly trained by the company.
What are the specialties of SOS DOCTORS?
Internists, Cardiologists, Surgeons, Orthopedics, Pediatricians, Pulmonologists, Gastroenterologists, Urologists, Pediatric surgeons, Hematologists, Dermatologists, E.N.T., Ophthalmologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Gynecologists, Dentists, Microbiologists, Radiologists...
...Are stand-by, 24/7, to come to your home and treat any health problem.
How long do I need to wait before the doctor arrives?
The average waiting time for SOS DOCTORS is 30-45 minutes.
Our coordinating center communicates with you and tells you the doctor’s arrival time at your location, his/her name and the expected cost of the visit.
Where can SOS DOCTORS be found?
While our company’s headquarters are in the center of Athens, our doctors are constantly on the move in Athens and Thessaloniki. They are either in the streets of Athens with SOS vehicles specially equipped for cardiology and pathological emergencies, or in position in all the suburbs of Attica and Thessaloniki. This means there is not a specific start point for an SOS DOCTOR. Thanks to the latest technology systems used by SOS DOCTORS, our coordinating center knows at all times which doctor will come to you faster and coordinates the visit.
How many doctors work with the company?
There are more than 100 doctors, from 20 different medical specialties, working with the company
Are there any documents that will be given to me after the doctor’s visit?
All SOS DOCTORS follow specific procedures during their visits. At the end of the visit, the SOS doctor will give you a receipt, a medical report with the company’s trade name and a blue card with his/her contact details and the telephone number of the SOS DOCTORS coordinating center so you can call him/her or the center if you need anything else.