Triplex - Ultrasound at home

SOS DOCTORS are able to do all types of ultrasound/triplex scanning at home.
Call 24/7 at +302108212222 to talk to a doctor and make your appointment.
An experienced radiologist visits you at home with a portable, new generation ultrasound unit of high quality and resolution (ultrasound tomography) to perform the ultrasound/triplex scanning and immediately give you the results in print together with a medical report.
Easy, reliable and instant service without the hassle of leaving your home.

  • Ultrasound scanning at home 24/7, even on holidays
  • Signed medical report by a radiology physician
  • Results on photographic paper of high diagnostic value and quality
  • Ultrasound scanning prices from € 90

Ultrasound Scanning at Home Meeting the Standards of SOS DOCTORS


Thyroid ultrasound€150
Ultrasound of breasts, axillary lymph nodes, or cervical lymph nodes, submandibular glands, parotid lymph nodes€150
Scrotal-testicular ultrasound€150
Ultrasound of soft tissue, adrenal, inguinal canal€150
Lower, upper abdomen ultrasound€160
Ultrasound of kidneys-bladder-prostate or urinary system or KUB ultrasound€160
Ultrasound of upper & lower abdomen, transvaginal, transrectal€180
Triplex ultrasound of thyroid, breast and axillary glands€150
Triplex ultrasound of upper or lower limp arteries, upper limbs, upper and lower abdomen veins, splenoportal axis, renal arteries, external jugular vein€160
Scrotal-testicular triplex ultrasound€160
Triplex ultrasound of abdominal aorta and iliac arteries€170
Triplex ultrasound of upper and lower abdomen, upper and lower limp arteries-veins, carotids and vertebral arteries€180
Triplex of arteries - veins of upper and lower extremities€220
Ultrasound-guided tumor puncture€360
Heart Triplex€150
Complete cardiological evaluation together with Cardiac Ultrasound€200
Triplex of upper and lower extremity arteries€200
Triplex of upper and lower extremity veins€200