SOS DOCTORS offers high-quality medical services 24 hours a day to the islands Chios, Mytilini, Ikaria, Lemnos and Samos of the North Aegean. By calling +302108212222, you can speak to a doctor and describe your health problem and your symptoms. Within a short time, a qualified SOS Doctor will visit you at your place to examine you thoroughly and to suggest appropriate treatment and medication. SOS DOCTORS cooperates with the largest insurance companies in Greece and abroad.

General Practitioner/Cardiologist/Orthopedist:

General Practitioner/Cardiologist/Orthopedist TIME OF CALL FEE
Monday to Friday 07:00-22:30 70 €
Sunday & Saturday 07:00-22:30 80 €
Holidays 07:00-22:30 90 €
Nights 22:30-07:00 90 €