From Naxos to Folegandros and from Serifos to Amorgos, a qualified SOS Doctor is ready to serve you immediately and responsibly. With 25 years of dedication and experience in the emergency medical services, SOS Doctors are ready to examine you and recommend the appropriate treatment at the safety of your home. Our +302108212222 Call Center is operating 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and the on call doctor is waiting to discuss your medical problem.

General Practitioner/Cardiologist/Orthopedist:

General Practitioner/Cardiologist/Orthopedist TIME OF CALL FEE
Monday to Friday 07:00-22:30 90 €
Sunday & Saturday 07:00-22:30 100 €
Holidays 07:00-22:30 110 €
Nights 22:30-07:00 120 €