From 2011 until now, SOS Doctors have treated thousands of medical incidents in the city of Thessaloniki and now we are offering our services to the rest of Central Macedonia (Kilkis, Veroia, Serres, Edessa), ensuring that both residents and visitors will have the best medical services. How it works? Simple, just call us on our call center +302108212222, describe your symptoms, and very quickly, within an hour, a specialized SOS Doctor will visit you at your place. He/she will examine you thoroughly and suggest appropriate treatment and medication. The cooperation of SOS DOCTORS with the largest insurance companies in Greece and abroad is one of the reasons that makes us your best choice.

General Practitioner/Cardiologist/Orthopedist:

General Practitioner/Cardiologist/Orthopedist TIME OF CALL FEE
Monday to Friday 07:00-22:30 70 €
Sunday & Saturday 07:00-22:30 80 €
Holidays 07:00-22:30 90 €
Nights 22:30-07:00 90 €