Make an appointment now by calling +30 210 82 12 222 for a covid-19 test at home: molecular (PCR test) Coronavirus Detection test – Rapid Antigen test – Antibody test at home, in offices, hotels, businesses, factories, ship, airport, etc. in 4 simple steps.


  1. Make an appointment
    Either by calling us at +30 210 82 12 222 or electronically via our special form here.
  2. We arrive at your house in order to perform the test
    and a nasopharyngeal smear or blood sample is taken after presentation of a police ID.
  3. You pay electronically
    before the appointment so that contact is avoided.
  4. Update on the result within 24 hours – even within the same day –
    via email. Α receipt is also sent.

The doctor of our call center or your personal doctor will recommend the most suitable covid test at home based on your medical history and on the day of the appointment specialized medical or nursing staff arrives at your residence (any day of the week).

We have all the necessary medical equipment in order to collect the necessary sample and transport it with the required safety to a cooperating diagnostic center – a procedure that we follow in order to perform other medical examinations at home.

For the collection of samples we follows all the necessary steps for the protection of staff and patients according to the strict instructions of EODY (National Organization of Public Health) and WHO (World Health Organization) in order to ensure 100% safety of all.

You have immediate and quick results in your hands with the quality guarantee provided by the long-lasting experience of SOS DOCTORS.



COVID-19 tests available at home:


The PCR test detects the presence of genetic material (RNA) of the virus in the body of the subject by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and thus demonstrates whether someone is already infected with COVID-19. The home molecular test involves both carriers who show symptoms (it is recommended that the test is performed after the first 48 hours with symptoms) and asymptomatic carriers who have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Detection of COVID-19 RNA is followed by the One Step Real Time PCR method based on WHO and CDC guidelines and a nasopharyngeal or oral pharyngeal smear is obtained, preferably 48 hours after the appearnce of symptoms. More reliable results are obtained by receiving a nasopharyngeal smear, which is preferred.

The PCR test is the most reliable method of coronavirus detection with 99% sensitivity.


The antigen is detected in upper respiratory tract samples when the coronavirus infection peaks in its acute phase, so the test is performed by taking a nasopharyngeal or oral smear.

The rapid test is very easy to use and its results are fast and relatively reliable and it is performed with the method of immunochromatography or immunofluorescence.

  • A positive result means that the subject is actively infected.
  • A negative result means that no viral proteins have been detected. However, if the subject shows symptoms, an additional PCR test should be performed in order to confirm the result.

Results are handed very quickly within 15 minutes.


The antibody test is an immunoassay for the qualitative detection of two types of coronavirus antibodies: IgG and IgM antibodies.

IgM antibodies are detected around the 7th day of the infection and are indicative of a recent exposure of the person to COVID-19.
IgG antibodies on the other hand are detected 15-28 days after the appearance of symptoms and remain in the blood for months, thus indicating some older infection.
SOS DOCTORS can perform antibody tests either individually for IgM and IgG antibodies or both types of antibodies together.

The antibody test does not  document the ongoing infection but rather whether a person is already infected and likely to develop immunity to COVID-19.

The antibody test is performed by taking blood from the patient and the results are available within 24 hours.

To find out about the price and cost of each coronavirus test for Athens, consult the following table.


COVID-19 test at home Fee
PCR test at home 95€
PCR test at home + Flu test at home 125€
Antigen Rapid test at home 50€
Antibodies test at home 50€